Successful presentation hints and tips

Presentations are meant to deliver a message to your audience & you might also want to reap a benefit out of them (like sell your new product). To be sure your presentation is a success, use the following tips:There are two factors that affect the success of a presentation: The speaker & the presentation material itself.

I. The Speaker:

1- Prepare long enough before the presentation time.

2- Conduct timed rehearsals at least twice before the presentation. (Even better if you can do it with some of your colleagues or friends to collect feedback & enhance your presentation)

3- Make sure you are well dressed, clean and looking bright. The Speaker’s appearance is a critical factor in making the audience willing to listen.

4- If number of speakers from the same company will conduct the presentation, it is better if they wear a uniform, a dress code or at least a badge with the company logo (to give a uniform appearance).

5- Speak clearly & surely.

Not too LOUD Not too FAST

Not too LOW Not too SLOW

6- Control your body language. Do not make unnecessary movements that could distract your audience. Point only when needed and use your hands only when needed. If any point needs acting to elaborate on it, do so.

7- Have Eye contact with your audience. This reassures people that you understand and is sure of what you are talking about. This makes your speech more convincing.

8- Avoid Jargon or abbreviations unless explained.

II. The Presentation:

1- The topic has to be defined and clear.

2- The message that you want to deliver has to be defined and clear.

3- Visual aids are very important. Use more images, videos and effects than text. One image can explain much better than 100 words and your audience will remember it much easier after your presentation is over.

4- Divide your presentation into: Introduction, Body and Ending. Prepare your audience in the introduction then make them understand when you reach the body of your presentation then wrap up to remind them of the important points in the end.

5-Leave room for interaction with your audience, whether in the presentation or through questions and answers at the end.

6- Distribute handouts if needed.


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